Eric Bischoff Admits He Didn’t Know Who Becky Lynch Was Until He Saw Her Social Media Posts In 2018

Becky Lynch

It took a while before Eric Bischoff even knew who Becky Lynch was.

Ever since 2018, Becky Lynch has been considered and promoted as one of the biggest stars in WWE. She was catapulted to the main-event scene in 2019 and was the first woman – along with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey – to main-event a WrestleMania.

Since then, she has been promoted heavily as a generational talent and as a top-tier draw for WWE. She even shared commercials/screen time with Stone Cold Steve Austin in some of WWE’s promotional material.

But not everyone jumped on the Becky Lynch bandwagon right away. in fact, some people were downright unaware of her exploits for a long time, even as her star power grew and grew. Eric Bischoff was one such a person and he revealed in an interview with Chris Van Vliet that he didn’t know who Becky Lynch even was until he looked at some of the chatter around her in 2018:

“What makes it fascinating for me looking in from the outside is that I love how some talents are using social media effectively, and some talents aren’t. That surprises me, because wrestlers are normally pretty good at figuring out ways to, you know, stay relevant and get themselves over.

Becky Lynch, I didn’t know who Becky Lynch was until I came across a couple of her social media posts on Twitter, this is back in 2018. I went wow, that’s pretty good, I’m gonna check her out. All of a sudden I am tuning into Monday Night Raw or whatever she was on at the time. I am tuning in to watch Becky Lynch, who I only knew about because I was really intrigued by how well she used social media.”

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