Eric Bischoff Slams Dave Meltzer’s “Lies” About CM Punk

Eric Bischoff WWE Hall of Fame

Eric Bischoff thinks Dave Meltzer had a part to play in the CM Punk mess in AEW.

The CM Punk saga in AEW is now over following Tony Khan’s decision to fire the star for his part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In. However, the furore surrounding Punk’s departure shows little sign of dying down with many in the wrestling business having their say on what happened.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff looked at another angle of the situation and said he believes nothing the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer had to say about the Punk situation as he accused him of spreading “lies”:

“I have spent a lot of time shredding — exposing — Dave Meltzer for what he is. I’m sick of hearing myself say it, but Dave Meltzer is horrible — always has been — for the wrestling business.

“I do believe that Meltzer is horrible for this industry, his behavior, his personality, the flaws in his character. For whatever reason, Dave seems to thrive by spreading ‘rumor,’ ‘innuendo,’ ‘lies,’ call them what you want, and usually does so in favor of people he either has a relationship with or wants to have a relationship with. I didn’t believe any of the nonsense that I heard out of Dave Meltzer with regard to CM Punk.”

Eric Bischoff believes firing CM Punk was the right thing to do

Eric Bischoff has been a frequent critic of Dave Meltzer over the years and he doesn’t have many good things to say in regard to CM Punk either. Bischoff made his initial assessment of the situation on social media, claiming Tony Khan made the right call:

Just heard the news. In my opinion, @TonyKhanmade the right call. A tough one, but the right one. #Respect”

Bischoff followed up on those comments by explaining when he would have fired CM Punk from AEW and it’d have been a lot earlier than Tony Khan did.