Eric Bischoff Names The 2 Things That Are Sacrificed In Wrestling Today

Eric Bischoff ECW One Night Stand

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has explained the two elements of professional wrestling he thinks are being sacrificed in this day and age.

Pro wrestling has changed in its overall approach several times over the decades and has morphed into something different from the nineties heyday of WCW which Eric Bischoff presided over. Bischoff continued to be part of the wrestling business following that spell and he was involved in an executive capacity in WWE as recently as 2019 prior to SmackDown’s move to FOX.

Speaking to Fightful, Eric Bischoff explains what he thinks has changed the most in that time and why he thinks the all important elements of story and character are being sacrificed:

“What’s changed? I think the emphasis on physical performance is much greater than it was in the past. Which I think is great. However, character and story have suffered. So there’s so much emphasis put on high flying, super athletic, ‘Holy sh*t’ or ‘This is awesome,’ trying to get the chant and that’s cool, and I get it and it’s fun.”

“But when you sacrifice story and characters in order to achieve that, I think it hurts the product in the long run. I think that’s one of the things it’s suffering from now. Now, do I get mad about it? I don’t really care. I just notice it. I’m not in the business any more. So I don’t, as we say in the sticks, have a dog in that hunt. But it’s obvious to me.”

Eric Bischoff also gave his thoughts on Tony Khan and compared the AEW CEO to a “fifteen-year-old kid” that has too much money.

h/t Fightful