Enzo Amore Explains Who Knew About Infamous MSG Run-In

Enzo Amore

Former WWE star Enzo Amore has explained who knew what ahead of his and Big Cass’ infamous run in at the G1 Supercard show in Madison Square Garden.

At the G1 Supercard show held by NJPW and Ring of Honor in 2019, the headlines were made when former WWE stars Enzo Amore and Big Cass got involved in some physicality with The Briscoes after they had competed in a four-way tag team match for the IWGP and ROH Tag Team Championships.

The run-in went down badly to say the least and any plans to have Cass and Amore return to continue their feud with The Briscoes was soon abandoned amid fan backlash.

Speaking on the DDP Snake Pit podcast – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Enzo Amore discussed how the appearance came about and details just how few people knew the run in was coming:

“So in order to do that shot with the Garden, I said to Joey Mercury, who was the producer on headsets who booked me, ‘I said, ‘You cannot shoot this. If you shoot it, or you smarten up the commentary, or you smarten up the cameramen or the boys, it’s going to leak. The internet is going to find out. Everybody’s going to know about it.”

“So the only people that can know about it are the Briscoes who were fighting, Joey Mercury, the producer, Sinclair Broadcasting who brought us in, and Bubba Ray who’s going to hit the ring to break it up because we have a past with Bubba. It kind of looks like, okay, he’s gonna break it up right?”

“So Joey came to my boxing gym in New Jersey the night before the garden with the Briscoes. Now me, the Briscoes, and Big Cass, they came to my boxing gym, me Cass and then we just said, ‘Okay live rounds. Not to the nose or eyeballs and try to leave with your teeth, but hey man, this has to be Brock Lesnar-Randy Orton level real violence bust open, get bloodied, you should leave with a black eye. Like we should really make this as real as f*cking possible.”

When the time came, as Enzo Amore tells it, Joey Mercury was the one directing the production crew not to film what was happening to make it seem more real:

“Joey Mercury lays out the ring. He draws up the plans for how we’re going to do it and our entrances and then Joey did not smart enough anybody it was going to happen. It’s like 7:25 pm. At 7:30, me and Cass are gonna go through the side door at the Garden. So we’re gonna walk inside the door, hoods on, black hoods, nobody knows it’s us. Joey sends somebody from Ring of Honor to get us but doesn’t tell him who or what’s happening. That guy came to that door and saw it was Enzo and Cass he was letting in and he was like, ‘Oh. F*ck. It’s on bro. Like what is about to happen?’”

“So the match happens. New Japan is not smartened up about it which goes over my head. I’m not booked in it. Like, if you didn’t tell New Japan, that’s not my problem. I’m doing my job. You booked me to do this spot and we risked our lives.”

“Me and Cass went out there and we pulled off something with the Briscoes, it wasn’t just us, and Bubba, that was as real as any work shoot that anyone’s ever seen in the history of wrestling, right? But they didn’t shoot it. So Joey is on headset commentary. ‘Don’t put this over. Do not put this over commentary. Do not put this over. Cameramen, do not shoot this.’ Everyone in the crowd has their phones out, right? Now everyone’s googling it. Number one trend in the world, right? It worked. Great.”

“Now the next day, that night we’re on the phone with Joey like, ‘I love you, bro.’ He’s like, ‘I love you. I can’t believe we pulled it off. Holy fu**ing shit. I’m getting a lot of heat for it guys. This is pretty real.’ I don’t know what the fallout was with Joey and Ring of Honor and all that happened. But imagine that me Cass literally risked our lives and did this spot and dude, I puked when we got out of there.”

“My face was blown up. I had a black eye. I was dry heaving because I just had a fistfight that lasted for like seven minutes. Nobody broke it up. When we hit the ring, me and Cass said to each other like, ‘Bro, get ready to cover up because the boys could jump in.’ You know what I mean? The guys that were in that match might try to break this thing up. The boys could hit the ring from the locker room. Like anything could happen and we don’t know. But me and Cass walked out with our middle fingers in the air and left and on our own power.”