Elias Returns To WWE On Monday Night Raw


Elias is officially back in WWE.

On Monday Night Raw, Elias was scheduled to make his return to the company, and late in the 10 o’clock hour, that’s exactly what happened.

He would start out his appearance in the ring, with the lights darkened for what was supposed to be a special performance for the people of Oklahoma City. However, Matt Riddle came out to interrupt him, asking if he could join along with him in his music career. Eventually, Riddle would back off, allowing him to do his performance.

Before Elias could get to it, Seth Rollins then came out, with the former Ezekiel having a bummed out look on his face as was once again interrupted. As Rollins walked down the ring, he would taunt him, saying that his theme was real music rather than the music that Elias performs.

After the antics were over, the main event for the WWE United States Championship would get started between Rollins and Riddle. At one point in the match, the ex-Ezekiel would get involved attacking Rollins, however, Rollins would get his revenge later in the bout with a superkick to his face.

Rollins and Riddle would eventually get back in the ring, with Elias trying to attack Rollins, but it would ultimately lead to Rollins curb stomping Riddle to retain his U.S. Title.