Edge Teases Celebrating 25-Year WWE Anniversary On Multiple Brands

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Edge has suggested that he might be making appearances on brands other than Smackdown to celebrate his 25 years in WWE.

It was 25 years ago on June 22, 1998, when the “Rated R Superstar” WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his WWE debut. During his WWE run, he went on to have one of the greatest careers in the history of the company

For fans that watched Edge’s entire WWE run, we know he started out in stable known as The Brood, he formed one of the greatest tag teams in WWE with best friend (or “brother”) Christian and it took him about seven years to become a main eventer.

After 11 World Title runs in WWE and becoming one of the most decorated champions in the history of the company, Edge unfortunately had to retire in 2011 due to serious neck issues. Nine years later at Royal Rumble 2020, Edge had one of the best WWE comebacks ever and he’s wrestled so many big matches since then.

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While there have been plenty of rumors about retirement, Edge made it clear to Grayson Waller on Smackdown at MSG that he’s not retiring yet. Edge, who turns 50 years old in October, is still performing at a high level and has spoken openly about how he really doesn’t know when he might retire even though in the past he suggested this might be his last year.

Edge proved how good he is yet again when he beat Waller in a competitive match on Smackdown.

During an interview on the Smackdown Lowdown show that airs on Peacock/WWE Network, the Hall of Famer suggested that he might be appearing on other WWE brands this month too.

“It’s a celebration. This is my dream job. I wasn’t meant to do anything else in this world. This is what I was supposed to do, and I’m one of the lucky few that has found what he was supposed to do, and then did it. Not only did it, but [points to himself on a poster at Madison Square Garden].”

“For me, this is insane. 25 years here, to last that long, if you had told me at the beginning of all this that would be the case, that I’d be celebrating in Madison Square Garden, that next month I’d go to Toronto. Hell, I could go to Monday Night Raw and celebrate. I could go to NXT and celebrate. I could come back here to SmackDown and celebrate. All I know is this month, I’m going to have one hell of a time.”

It is worth noting that Edge was drafted to Smackdown in the WWE Draft two months ago, but we know the company is lenient in terms of allowing talents to appear on any brand at any time. Based on what Edge said above, don’t be surprised if he appears on Raw or NXT at some point this month.

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