Eddie Kingston Says Fans Don’t Want To Hear Wrestlers “B****ing And Moaning” About Backstage Issues

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston believes that the wrestling business is, in some ways, going backwards as too many people focus on backstage drama over on-screen action.

On a recent On-Demand livestream, Kingston explained how things have gotten more challenging in recent years for both wrestling fans and wrestlers to entertain in the ring and on-camera.

Kingston believes that the modern landscape has made it difficult for wrestlers to tell effective stories in the ring since so many people have been exposed to so much behind-the-curtain content that whatever happens on-screen comes across as either less interesting or less relevant.

“I think that the business is going backward, in a sense of the fans [knowing] everything already. You know the magic. You know there’s bookers. … It’s all been exposed, you know what I mean? For years now.

Cool. You know everything now. I believe people are done with it. People don’t want to hear us on Twitter, b****ing and moaning [about] what’s going on backstage. People don’t want to know how much fun I had with my opponent that night in the ring. They want to be lost.”

Eddie Kingston compares wrestling backstage to actors breaking immersion during a film

According to Kingston, all the focus on backstage issues is akin to an actor in a gimmick-heavy movie like Captain America putting on a compelling and believable performance, only for the actor to turn to the camera at some point to remind viewers that all the people on-screen are actor and none of what the audience is seeing is real.

“People need an escape. So why the f*** am I gonna take that escape from you?”

Eddie Kingston is set for an incredibly challenging weekend as he defends both his NJPW Strong Openweight Championship and his freshly-won ROH World Championship against NJPW veteran Katsuyori Shibata at AEW WrestleDream on Sunday October 1st.

h/t WrestlingInc.