Eddie Kingston Sensationally Quits AEW

Eddie Kingston

After seemingly growing increasingly frustrated in recent weeks and not caring who knew it, Eddie Kingston says he quits AEW.

Eddie Kingston was scheduled to be part of the Face of the Revolution ladder match on the 1st of March edition of Dynamite. That was a contentious decision for Kingston already as he indicated that he only found out about the match on social media and then during an interview with Sactown Sports 1140 Kingston noted he wanted to have a talk with AEW management:

“I may not be at [Dynamite] though, it all depends on how certain things go in the locker room with the office. Especially with my match that’s coming up on Wednesday, not really happy about it. Yeah, so we have to have a talk, me and I’m not going to say who’s the office, everybody knows about Tony [Khan] but there are others.

“We all got to get together and talk. I want to go everywhere but I also, yanno, I got to be a businessman and put my foot down at some point. In a calm manner, that’s what I’m still trying to learn, a professional manner.”

Eddie Kingston was in San Francisco for Dynamite, getting involved in a massive brawl with his former friend Ortiz. When AEW broadcaster Lexi Nair tried to ask Kingston about it he simply stated “I quit AEW – peace.” With the star being given the opportunity to do this and it being shared on social media by AEW it appears to be a part of a storyline but anything is possible.