Eddie Kingston Reveals The Lessons He Learned From Terry Funk

Eddie Kingston

Although Eddie Kingston has learned different things from different people, but two lessons he learned from Terry Funk stand out more than all the others.

Eddie Kingston has earned a reputation for speaking his mind and delivering passionate promos both about the things and people he likes and those he dislikes. But after having a few conversations with the late Terry Funk, that part of Kingston’s personality might disappear.

Speaking on an episode of On Demand, Eddie Kingston revealed that Terry Funk encouraged him to be more accepting of different wrestling styles.

“I got that from Terry Funk. I’m just accepting of everything, because everything is pro wrestling. If I want this business to survive, I got to accept the changing, and I’ve got to accept what people like.”

How long has Eddie Kingston been wrestling?

Eddie Kingston has been wrestling for over twenty years, having debuted in 2002. He has wrestled all over the American independent scene in a variety of style-specific promotions, from the ultra-violent Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), to the colorful and cartoonish CHIKARA, to more typical indy-style companies like EVOLVE and Jersey All-Pro Wrestling.

Lately, Eddie Kingston has been getting the opportunity to wrestle some of his favorite wrestlers from across the Pacific as he has been one of the few AEW wrestlers to go over to Japan to wrestle for NJPW.

Most notably, Kingston was the man that beat Jay White in a Loser Leaves NJPW match, which led to White signing with AEW. Kingston also competed in this year’s G1 Climax, in which he scored singles wins over the likes of Tama Tonga, Mikey Nicholls, Henare, and Shingo Takagi.

h/t WrestlingInc.