Eddie Kingston Reveals If He Likes Giving Advice

eddie kingston aew bandana

Eddie Kingston is a veteran wrestler who has seen a lot and done a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’s big on advising younger stars.

As a 20+ year veteran in pro wrestling, Eddie Kingston is one of the most experienced wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling. Kingston is also seen as a popular performer by the AEW fans who root for him as a regular guy who just happens to love pro wrestling just like the fans do.

During an interview with Gabby AF, Kingston was asked about what he tells other wrestlers and addressed how he feels about offering advice to other wrestlers.

“No. I tell them to get away from me. They won’t listen, so I don’t even try. No, that was a joke. In a way. In a way, that was a joke. There is only certain people that I help.”

“I’m very picky and choosy with my time and energy. People have known me to watch a match and then they’ll come and be like, ‘How was it?’ ‘Oh, I didn’t watch.’ They’ll be like, ‘Eddie, we know you watched.’ ‘Nah.'”

“I know the people and I know they’re just asking me for appearances. ‘Oh look, someone asked for advice.’ Then they’re not going to take it and still do whatever the f**k they want. Okay, cool. I know who is who, and I’m picky with who I help. Am I going to tell you who I help? No.”

Eddie Kingston Set For Huge Match At AEW Worlds End

Going into the AEW Continental Classic, Eddie Kingston willingly put his ROH World Title and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship to join the brand new AEW Continental Championship. Together, those three titles will create the brand new AEW Triple Crown Championship.

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston won the Continental Classic Blue League bracket when he defeated Bryan Danielson in an incredible match.

At AEW Worlds End on Saturday, December 30th, Eddie Kingston will be in action against the Continental Classic Gold League winner Jon Moxley, who is a close friend of Kingston and a man that Kingston has faced many times in the past. Can Kingston get the big win? Find out at AEW Worlds End.