Eddie Kingston Didn’t Like MJF Getting So Much TV Time On AEW Dynamite

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Eddie Kingston has fired off another shot toward the current AEW World Champion MJF while complaining about all the TV time that MJF gets.

On the February 8th edition of AEW Dynamite, the AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (aka MJF) was featured heavily on the show as he picked up a victory over Konosuke Takeshita in a competitive opening match.

MJF was also featured in a backstage interview segment telling a not-so-flattering story about himself that was likely fictional, but also shows what kind of an evil character MJF is.

During the Bryan Danielson victory over Rush in an outstanding match, MJF was on commentary. MJF also attacked Bryan’s left arm after the match as well.

Eddie Kingston is a man that has made it clear that he doesn’t really like MJF much. Earlier in the week, Eddie Kingston said this in an interview where he mentioned MJF:

“He’s a real piece of s**t. I’m just going to put that out there. I don’t know why he’s the champion. He’ll cry about it to Tony (Khan), then I’ll get an email from Megha (Parekh) and HR, ‘you can’t be calling our world champion a piece of s**t.’ Well, if he doesn’t act like a piece of s**t, I won’t call him that.”

Due to the excessive swearing in the tweets, here’s a censored version of what Kingston wrote in his two tweets about MJF during Dynamite. The first tweet was on Wednesday night followed by a Thursday morning tweet.

“So how long was that long winded fake bulls**t take from MJF?”

“Side note since we need to see his world champ 3 times within a hour and a half when it is a two hour show. F**k ortiz f**k house of black and f**k the roster. Born alone die alone I tried. I don’t need anyone including mox and penta. F**k everyone. Especially the “pillars”

Whether Eddie Kingston was doing all of this to further a storyline is unknown although the two men haven’t interacted on television in a long time, so it could just be Kingston firing off his true thoughts on social media while he was watching Dynamite.