ECW Legend Pitches Retirement Match With AEW Champion

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A legendary wrestler known for his legacy in ECW has an idea for a retirement involving a champion in AEW.

When it comes to being an ECW legend, there are several names that stand out among fans, but perhaps the one that exemplifies what ECW was truly about is Sabu. The man known for being suicidal and homicidal due to his unique style in the ring was a popular ECW star who held multiple championships in the company.

In May 2023, Sabu made his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debut as part of the Adam Cole-Chris Jericho storyline.

At 58 years old, Sabu can’t wrestle the way he used to do due to his age and numerous injuries that have slowed him down, but he does have an idea for one more match.

Hook is the current FTW Champion in AEW. While that FTW Title is not officially an AEW Championship, it was created by Sabu’s friend Taz over 25 years ago in ECW and Hook is Taz’s son, so there’s a unique specialness regarding that championship.

Sabu Wants To Lose The FTW Championship To AEW’s Hook As A Retirement Match

During an interview with Title Match Network, Sabu was asked about his good friend Rob Van Dam making appearances with AEW. While discussing that, Sabu had an idea regarding the FTW Championship as well.

“I thought it was awesome. I thought it was awesome. Would have been better if he came out with me. He came out, and he had a surprise, and it ended with all of us.”

“I wanted him to win the FTW belt, give it to me, and then in my final match, I lose it back to HOOK. I didn’t say it to nobody, that’s just my thought. I like HOOK, he’s a good guy, a good kid, very respectful. Needs to gain some weight, of course, and experience, but I think he has a good future. It would be my pleasure to help him.”

Sabu would go on to say that he didn’t have any heat with Taz. It was something that was just part of the show in ECW. Sabu also noted that the two legends took a photo together when Sabu was at the AEW shows in May as well.

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