ECW Legend The Sandman Recalls Being “Miserable” While Working On WWE Raw

ECW Legend The Sandman Recalls Being

ECW icon The Sandman disclosed that during his time employed by WWE, he never tuned in to their television programming, rendering him completely oblivious to the existence of the draft.

While The Sandman is often associated with beer, cigarettes, blood, and Metallica, symbolising his larger-than-life persona within ECW, his brief stint with WWE in the mid-2000s showcased a departure from the typical WWE mould.

Recruited as part of the relaunched ECW brand in 2006, Sandman’s tenure didn’t unfold as expected, but he remained a beloved figure among fans. However, in 2007, WWE unexpectedly drafted him to Raw, a move that caught Sandman off guard due to his limited awareness of WWE’s internal workings, as he candidly admitted during an interview on “Busted Open Radio.”

Recounting the circumstances of his draft to Raw, Sandman revealed his lack of familiarity with the WWE product, highlighting his detachment from the company’s inner mechanisms.

I didn’t even know they had a draft. That’s how aware I was of the company because I didn’t watch it. So I’m like ‘I don’t want to go to ‘Raw,’ I don’t know anybody there, I’m going to be miserable.’

His reluctance to transition to Raw due to his unfamiliarity with the brand ultimately resulted in a brief and unremarkable tenure, characterised by a notable feud against Carlito culminating in a Singapore Cane on a Pole match at Great American Bash 2007. Sandman’s release from WWE in September of the same year marked the conclusion of his run with the company.

Which WCW Faction Was The Sandman Neary A Part Of?

The Sandman recalled a time in ECW when he worked with Konnan and Konnan requested that Sandman become a part of his Filthy Animals faction in WCW as a result. Unfortunately for Sandman Eric Bischoff rejected Konnan’s request.

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