ECW Icon Stuns Chris Jericho On Dynamite

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho faces a tough test at Double Or Nothing when he faces Adam Cole in an Unsanctioned Match but things may have got even harder for Jericho following a shocking debut on Dynamite.

Chris Jericho has had Adam Cole in his sights ever since the former NXT Champion returned to AEW following a long layoff due to serious concussion issues. Jericho masterminded a sickening attack on Cole’s girlfriend Dr. Britt Baker DMD who was taken apart by The Outcasts and a kendo stick while a helpless Cole was forced to watch on.

On Dynamite in Las Vegas just days before Double Or Nothing, Chris Jericho and Adam Cole made their match official – despite it being unsanctioned – as they signed a contract. This being wrestling, of course, things soon broke down.

Cole was accompanied to the ring by his friend Roderick Strong while The Ocho had the full weight of The Jericho Appreciation Society by his side. With the contract signed, Jericho pointed out his significant numbers advantage but Cole stopped The JAS in their tracks when he announced he’d made a call for backup from a Las Vegas resident as he introduced ECW legend Sabu.

Sabu made his way to the ring with Excalibur noting on commentary that The Homicidal Suicidal Genocidal Death-Defying Maniac would be in Cole’s corner at Double Or Nothing. Cole threw a chair to Sabu and he duly cracked it into the head of Daddy Magic Matt Menard as Jericho’s group scattered from the ring.

This is Sabu’s first appearance in AEW and his own history with Jericho is brief as the two men have only shared a ring once before with Sabu picking up a win over a young Jericho on an ECW event in 1996.