ECW Icon “Would Love” WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

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It might always be sunny in Philadelphia but in the spring of 2024, the City of Brotherly Love will see stars of a very different kind when WWE brings WrestleMania 40 to Lincoln Financial Field.

However, Philadelphia’s wrestling legacy will not be defined by the event but is rather more carved into the history of Paul Heyman’s ECW. ECW brought a mix of hardcore, Lucha, brawling, and technical wrestling that fans in the US hadn’t seen on the same bill before.

The company helped those that had lost their way in other promotions resurrect their careers to superstardom with the likes of Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and Chris Jericho passing through its doors. The promotion created its own stars as well with the likes of Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Taz, Sabu, Rhino, and The Dudley Boyz to name but a few leaving their mark on the business long after the company shut up shop.

Speaking to PWMania, Tommy Dreamer noted that to be inducted into any Hall of Fame is an achievement but to be recognized ahead of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia is something he’d love:

“Any Hall of Fame is an honor. Would love to, absolutely. It’s a great honor to be recognized for your body of work. Hey, WrestleMania, is in Philly. I would love it. If it doesn’t happen, not going to be devastated. When you have love-appreciation, and by your peers, that’s as good as well. The other part of it is the Hall of Fame is a show. It does mean a lot though.”

Tommy Dreamer recently opened up about why he wouldn’t ask his old rival Raven to return to the ring and admits he feels the “burden” of his former nemesis’ health issues.