ECW Documentary On The Way?

Rhino rhyno in ECW

ECW fans could soon have something new to sink their teeth in to.

On November 20th it was reported that The Rock’s production company is working on a new documentary looking at the collapse of WCW. However, there could be even more 1990s wrestling nostalgia on the way.

According to a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, a new docuseries about ECW, based — at least in part — on Tod Gordon’s autobiography ‘Tod Is God,’ is being shopped around. The series has been pitched to several different potential broadcast and streaming outlets, including Amazon’s Prime Video and Warner Bros. Discovery.

What Happened To ECW?

The promotion that would become Extreme Championship Wrestling was born in 1992 under the name Eastern Championship Wrestling. A year later, Paul Heyman joined forces with founder Gordon and the ECW that shook up the wrestling world came to life.

ECW’s brand of high-flying Luchadores mixed in with wince-inducing hardcore matches created a cult following that still remains to this day.

However, the company closed in 2001 engulfed by huge financial problems before being purchased by WWE.

The sports entertainment giant brought the name back as part of The Alliance in 2001, and for “One Night Stand” in 2005, before relaunching it in full the following year. The new ECW was hugely unpopular with fans of the original promotion and struggled to attract viewers until it was closed in 2010.

There have been several reunions in other promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling.