EC3 Says He’d Rip AEW Star “To Shreds”


Former IMPACT Wrestling and NXT star EC3 has joked about a current star on the AEW roster and says that he’d rip the star “to shreds.”

EC3 rose to prominence in TNA after a stint as part of NXT in WWE. While in TNA, he captured the TNA World Championship twice as he became a main event player in the company. Following that spell, EC3 returned to WWE and a much different NXT in 2018. Despite his popularity with fans, his time on the brand did not bring any title success and his subsequent run on the WWE main roster was nothing to write home about.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion now heads up the Control Your Narrative promotion where he previously shared the stage with recently returned WWE Superstar Braun Strowman.

Speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, EC3 went on a bizarre tangent where he joked about beating AEW star Adam Cole to death with his own legs:

“My neighbor Kurt, the realtor, hell of a guy looks just like Adam Cole. Yeah, great guy. I can rip Kurt’s throat right out, just like just rip it out. I love him.”

“If Adam — if we were the last men on earth and only one of us is getting that last piece of meat to eat, yeah I would. I would destroy him. I would rip him to shreds. I would beat him to death with his legs. I’d rip his arms off and I would clap his ears like he didn’t stand a chance against me.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.