EC3 Responds To Velveteen Dream’s Statement


Former TNAWorld Champion and NXT star EC3 has responded after Velveteen Dream gave his side of the story after being accused of secret filming in EC3’s bathroom.

While he hasn’t been seen in NXT since 2020, Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) has made headlines in recent weeks following two August arrests.

As people have been mentioning his name in the wake of these arrests, fellow former NXT star EC3 alleged during a recent interview that Clark had tried to secretly film members of the NXT roster using the bathroom during a house party at EC3’s place. He further alleges that WWE had full knowledge of these videos.

Velveteen Dream spoke at length about the accusations against him and in turn accused his former colleague of drug use at the party and says that he simply left his phone in the bathroom and denied making any recordings.

Now EC3 has given his thoughts on what Patrick Clark had to say for himself, sending out a message full of forgiveness to PWInsider while addressing Clark’s own problems with the law:

“In life, I forgive everyone for everything that has been done to me.

I personally have never failed a drug test from any employer, nor been arrested for drug usage, paraphernalia, assault, battery, or any inappropriate behavior.

My forgiveness includes Patrick Clark for setting up a video recording device in the bathroom of my home.

As far as any other accusations and allegations against him, I hope that he finds the help he needs.”