Earl Hebner Believes These Referees Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Earl Hebner

Former WWE referee Earl Hebner has named seven of his fellow in-ring officials that he believes should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The WWE Hall of Fame is a celebration of the very best that the wrestling world has had to offer. Beginning in 1993 with the sole induction of Andre The Giant, the Hall of Fame has grown to incorporate almost all of the top stars from days gone by with a Legacy wing and a polarising Celebrity wing added to extend its reach.

One group that has been overlooked by the WWE Hall of Fame is referees but former WWE Senior Official Earl Hebner thinks that should change.

Speaking on Refin’ It Up with his son Brian Hebner, Earl Hebner explained if he would accept an induction for himself into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I’d consider it. Yeah, I really do. All the stuff I’ve done in this business and made a lot of the matches what they are, I think I deserve to be in there. But, whether I do or not is up to them.”

The man who was infamously in the middle during the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997 then went on to name several more referees that should be bestowed with that honour:

“I’ll start with myself. Nick Patrick, Tommy Young, Mike Chioda, Charles [Robinson], Jimmy Korderas, and my brother [Dave].”

Earl Hebner recently discussed what was going through his head on that fateful night in Montreal when Bret Hart was screwed out of the WWE Championship.

h/t Wrestling Inc.