Dwayne Johnson Says Wrestling Helped Craft Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has said his time in the wrestling world and WWE helped him out in making Black Adam the best character it could be.

Dwayne Johnson is currently starring in Black Adam, the new movie from the extended DC universe, and at the recent New York premiere the man better known to wrestling fans as The Rock paid tribute to a long-time wrestling photographer.

Speaking on Jake’s Takes Dwayne Johnson confirmed that his time in wrestling helped “craft an even better Black Adam” in his eyes:

“Yes, number one. Number two, me cutting my teeth and making my bones in pro wrestling, even before WWE, when I started down in Memphis wrestling for Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, Jerry Jarrett, and Jeff Jarrett and those guys. Wrestling in those little flea markets that I used to wrestle at, then getting to WWE, my experience in the world of pro wrestling helped me craft an even better Black Adam.”

“Ultimately, what the world of wrestling always did for me, number one, always listen to the audience. Let them inform you. They will always inform you on where you need to go. Also, do your best to think 10, 12, 20 steps ahead. In the world of wrestling, oftentimes, if I knew what our WrestleMania main event would be, me and say ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. We’d work backward from there.”

“It’s the same thing. The ultimate goal was not only to deliver Black Adam, but deliver the JSA [Justice Society of America], five new superhero characters in one movie, but also stretch the universe out, and think about what it would look like if Black Adam were to face any of these other characters.”

h/t Fightful