Dustin Rhodes Announces His Mother Has Passed Away

dustin rhodes

Dustin Rhodes has announced that his mother passed away this week.

The family of Dustin Rhodes is well-known by wrestling fans. As the oldest son of the late, great WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, he had a tough legacy to live up to, but Dustin has had his own Hall of Fame career in the last 30 years. Dustin is also the half-brother of Cody Rhodes, who has also had an incredible career as a pro wrestler and is still in the prime of his career.

At an independent wrestling show in December, Dustin made it clear that 2023 will likely be his last year as a professional wrestler. At 53 years old, Dustin has wrestled for nearly 35 years, which is an incredible run in pro wrestling.

It was announced by Dustin Rhodes on Wednesday that his mother passed away.

“I am very sad to say that I lost my Momma today. She was an incredibly strong mother who was loving and resilient to her dying day. She taught me everything, and I am the man I am today because of her. I am so saddened but so happy she is no longer in pain. Rest in Heaven.”

After receiving a lot of condolences from fans, Dustin di another tweet a day later thanking everybody for their support.

“Words can’t describe how much I appreciate everyone reaching out and praying. Losing Pops was bad enough, but your Momma is f**king terrible. I appreciate y’all.”

It should be noted that Dustin and Cody have different mothers.

Everybody at TJRWrestling sends our condolences to Dustin Rhodes and his family following the death of his mother.