Drew McIntyre Discusses Possibility Of WrestleMania In The UK

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Drew McIntyre has spoken about WrestleMania going to the UK, especially after the success of shows like Clash at the Castle.

It was over one year ago in September 2022 when WWE’s Clash at the Castle took place in Cardiff, Wales. Drew McIntyre went into the show with the fans strongly behind him as a Scottish guy wrestling in the United Kingdom. It may not have been “home” exactly, but it was close enough with over 50,000+ fans in attendance.

That Clash at the Castle match between Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre was a match where many people thought McIntyre would win. It didn’t happen due to interference from Solo Sikoa.

At July’s Money in the Bank PLE, John Cena made a surprise appearance to pitch the idea of WrestleMania heading to the United Kingdom. The fans wanted it and Cena clearly wants it. Many people believe WWE wouldn’t let Cena do a promo like that unless they were seriously considering it.

Drew McIntyre makes the case for WrestleMania in the UK

It makes a lot of sense for the WWE’s top United Kingdom star to comment on WrestleMania heading to the UK. Drew McIntyre told Good Karma Wrestling that he mentioned WWE doing shows in the UK for years and explained why perceived issues from the past don’t exist now.

“Looking at the way the business has evolved and our business model now, and how many international shows we do, and how successful they are for the company, and the time difference isn’t that bad for the UK.”

“I heard that for years, and I complained and I complained and I complained, and then finally we got Clash at the Castle [in 2022]. I was like ‘We’re doing a show in Australia, have you seen the time difference there? Don’t be silly, we can do a show in the UK.'”

“Now, the idea of a Mania is very much possible. I know how successful it would be for the company, but I know how amazing it would be for the fans [as well]. I know how much fun it would be for everyone around the world to watch, because we know how crazy and fun and wild the UK fans are.”

WrestleMania 40 next April is in Philadelphia. After that, nothing has been announced officially as far as WrestleMania venues go.

As for what’s next for Drew McIntyre, he is set to challenge Seth “Freakin” Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title at Crown Jewel on November 4th.