Drew McIntyre Steals Infamous CM Punk Line As His Threats Continue

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has stolen one of CM Punk’s more controversial lines from his career as he claims he’s the good guy in their ongoing, highly personal feud.

At WWE Clash at the Castle Damian Priest shattered Drew McIntyre’s dreams by retaining his World Heavyweight Title in Glasgow, Scotland. However, that is far from telling the whole story.

As the match reached its climax the referee was taken out and with McIntyre pinning Priest a new official entered the fray but it turned out that was CM Punk. Punk stopped the count for McIntyre after two before kicking the Scottish Warrior below the belt and allowing Priest to hit his South of Heaven chokeslam for the win.

On Raw in Corpus Christi, Texas, Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring to seemingly cut a typical WWE promo but that all changed when he mentioned CM Punk’s name. As the crowd chanted for Punk, McIntyre cut a forlorn figure as he noted “I can’t do this anymore, screw this company. I quit.”

But on SmackDown in Chicago, Drew McIntyre was back. During a backstage promo involving Grayson Waller and DIY, a garage door opened revealing a bloodied CM Punk laid out with Drew McIntyre standing over him. McIntyre hoisted Punk over his shoulder and carried him out to the entranceway to the ring where he dumped him on the ground.

McIntyre ripped a bracelet bearing Punk’s wife’s and dog’s names from Punk’s wrist before SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis engaged in a shoving match with McIntyre before he left.

Drew McIntyre Won’t Let CM Punk Off Easy

Taking to social media, Drew McIntyre has strong words for CM Punk and borrowed a line or two from Punk, most notably referencing Punk’s “empty-headed dumb f*ck” remark targeted at Adam Page:

Here we are. Just over a week from Glasgow, I’m finally home. I should be champion but I’m not. I’m just reflecting.

Newton’s third law, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Drew’s law, for every action there will be a violent reaction like you’ve never seen if you deserve it. CM Punk, let’s go back to the press conference, post Clash at the Castle, he sat there and said, as long as I’m breathing, as long as I have breath in my lungs, I’ll make sure Drew McIntyre is never world champion.

Let’s start there because what I did to him on SmackDown, I could have made that reality, it would have been so easy, I could have squeezed all the air out of his stupid little fragile body. But no, that’d be letting him off. He doesn’t deserve the easy way out. I left just enough life in his body so he can watch me succeed as he lays there as uncomfortably as humanly possible as his wife feeds him through a straw.

He took everything from me in Glasgow. Then he thought it would be a genius idea to rub salt in the wounds, sit there wearing green, making all those stupid comments. What have I ever deserved in this life for a dumb-headed f*ck like CM Punk to go into business for himself?

Now Punk can pretend when pushed he’s Satan himself. When I’m pushed to this level I’m a justified monster. Satan’s my bitch, just like Phil. I mean who can stop me? And I’m in the right, I’m the good guy here. Phil, you took my dreams, now I’m the nightmare you’re gonna see every time you close those soulless eyes of yours. You might think you’re Satan, when pushed I’m a f*cking psychopath. I hate you.

I’m not sure I’ve truly hated anyone in my entire life until you. But I can take solace in the fact you’re in pain and you’re suffering because of me. My hate, it’s all good because it dies with you.

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