Drew McIntyre Praised For Hectic WWE Schedule

drew mcintyre sword

It would appear that the travel Drew McIntyre has done over the last few weeks to keep up with his WWE schedule hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The gruelling life of a WWE superstar is well documented. It’s not just about making trips to the likes of Saudi Arabia for Premium Live Events, but also making it between television and house shows, as well as other media commitments and public appearances which they may get signed to.

As one of the most popular members of the roster, Drew McIntyre’s schedule is expected to be hectic. However, in recent weeks it seems to have hit an extreme point which has been spotted by a number of people within the company.

A new report from Pro Wrestling Insider has discussed quite how far ‘The Scottish Warrior’ has travelled, and that he has received high praise for fitting everything in.

There were quite a few people praising Drew McIntyre for his commitment to the company as he went from The United States to Germany and Switzerland for Smackdown shows, then onto Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, then India to film what was described as a “movie role” the company set up with Sony, then flew right back to the United States to work the Smackdown taping, then a pair of live events, so he was on the road for several weeks straight for WWE-related appearances.

Another major trip with Drew McIntyre was involved in was for Clash At The Castle, where he competed in the main event against Roman Reigns. Losing the match, McIntyre admitted he feared there may be riots on the streets of Wales following the result.