Drew McIntyre Halloween Costume Inspired By Lord Of The Rings

Drew McIntyre

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and his wife looked impressive in their Lord of the Rings inspired Halloween costumes!

While WWE performers are no strangers to taking on alternate personas in their line of work, Halloween provides an opportunity to step outside the roles they regularly play on WWE programming. While Drew McIntyre is currently looking ahead to his rematch with Karrion Kross at WWE Crown Jewel where the two will face off inside a steel cage, he took time away from the squared circle to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve with his wife Kaitlyn.

Taking to Instagram, the former WWE Champion posted images of himself and his wife dressed as Saruman and Arwen from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. LotR fans will recall Saruman the White as a wizard who struggled with his lust for the One Ring and found himself in morally grey area. Meanwhile, Arwen was a half-elven character who was portrayed by Liv Tyler in the Peter Jackson directed movies.

Drew McIntyre and his wife went all out with their costumes, pleasing Lord of the Rings and WWE fans alike.

“Arwen always had lust in her eyes for Saruman (AND his sexy new black threads).”

Drew McIntyre wasn’t the only former WWE Champion to show off his Halloween attire on social media. Mick Foley took to the platform to post images of him dressed as his iconic foe The Undertaker, choosing to portray The Deadman instead of American Badass.