Drew McIntyre Mocks CM Punk’s History In WWE

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Drew McIntyre continues to speak out against some of his top WWE rivals, including CM Punk.

The January 8th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw featured a memorable promo exchange between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre.

Over the past few months, McIntyre has become more of a heel after spending the previous three-plus years as a top babyface in the company. Now that WWE has so many popular babyfaces on the Raw brand like Punk, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso and others, McIntyre is getting a chance to thrive as a heel again.

During their chat on Raw, Drew McIntyre talked about how he was going to win the Royal Rumble match. Punk ended the promo by saying not only was he going to win, but he was going to throw Drew out last.

Ever since he has gone heel, McIntyre has done some terrific videos on social media where can be seen at home, in the car or anywhere else talking about his life in WWE.

In a video posted on Twitter/X and TikTok, McIntyre fired back at people that think he has had a descent into madness.

“I’m just about to drive from Miami where SmackDown was and where I battled The Miz last night to where I lived for over ten years, the location of the Royal Rumble, St. Petersburg, Florida, like a four-hour drive. My favorite line of the week I’ve seen so far is from an official WWE video post called Drew McIntyre’s Quest for Gold. An awesome watch to see what brought us to where we are now.”

“It started a little sooner, but nonetheless, a fantastic video showing the whole story. So great job, guys. Then if you look in the description, It says, ‘Drew McIntyre’s descent into madness.’ Madness. The state of being mentally ill. So just to clarify, just because I’m the only one, not just in WWE, but feels like anywhere these days who states facts and tells the truth, that makes me mad.”

“Maybe that’s the way of the world now. Maybe if you check history, someone that tells too much truth, well, that equals you better call them crazy. But you’re right. I am mad, and the actual definition of that, angry with some of the BS I’ve been dealing with around here. You think you know what’s going on and what’s gonna happen? You’ve no idea. I’m the wrench in all your WrestleMania plans. Monday, I said I was gonna beat Priest, I beat him. I also said he’s not ready for the world title, and he’s not.”

As Drew said above, he did beat Damian Priest in the main event of Raw thanks to an unlikely assist from R-Truth.

Drew McIntyre Says WWE World Title Drove CM Punk Insane

When it comes to his rivals like Cody Rhodes and CM Punk, McIntyre had some interesting words for them.

“Who’s gonna elevate the title after Seth has taken it as far as his body has allowed him to take it? Gunther, you’ve got a great job as IC champion, but this goes beyond what happens in the ring. Is he ready?”

“Cody, the great pretender, maybe, but he doesn’t truly understand what it takes to be the world champion. Is he mentally tough enough?”

“Punk, no, the title literally drove him insane.”

“This is full circle, Tropicana Field where I was WWE champion, for so long in the Thunderdome. I don’t just need me to win to move Raw to the next level and have my moment personally. You need me to win. Have I lied to you yet?”

The Royal Rumble takes place on January 27th at Tropicana Field just like Drew McIntyre said.

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