Drew McIntyre Warns Of Upset If He Doesn’t Get Dream Clash At The Castle Match

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has sent a warning to WWE.

For Drew McIntyre, life in WWE has arguably never been better. He’s recently signed a huge new contract, and he’s performing better than ever after cementing his status as a true main-event star.

The only thing missing is a piece of WWE gold, something he had wrestled from his grasp at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre actually defeated Seth Rollins to claim the World Heavyweight Title, only to clash with CM Punk while celebrating, paving the way for Damian Priest to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

While McIntyre won’t be in action at King & Queen of the Ring, it won’t be long until WWE returns to Scotland for Clash at the Castle.

At the event in 2022, McIntyre was famously beaten by Roman Reigns despite being a heavy crowd favourite and he’s looking to make amends in 2024.

Speaking in a new interview with PWInsider, McIntyre said that crazy night in Wales was a dream come true before warning he won’t be happy if he isn’t at the top of the card in June.

“This is something beyond a dream, you know, I talked about for years and spoke about it with yourself and everyone else has listened to me for years that the UK needs to get, you know, a significant event. I’ve been asking since the day I was in WWE and I always heard the logistics excuse, this and this, then suddenly we’re doing shows all across the world places like Australia, they’ve got the craziest time difference. And finally the original Clash at the Castle, it happened.

That was, my goodness, a dream come true. I wrestled in the main event, could have done without singing that stupid freakin’ song afterwards. Nonetheless, it was just an amazing experience. But never thought for a second hey, we’re gonna get you know, a PLE and big event in Scotland. And I was you know smartened up a few months ago, hey it’s going to happen.

It’s beyond dreams… growing up, I didn’t think about this because it wasn’t a real thing. And the idea to get to go back there and be part of such a big show while the industry is so hot. If the industry wasn’t as hot, I can assure you the Scottish wrestling fans were just as crazy and if you think Backlash was something just wait for the songs. The Scottish fans will be bringing it and if I’m in less than a title match, quite frankly, I’ll be upset.”

Drew McIntyre Might Get WWE Wish

According to a new report, Drew McIntyre will get his wish and a huge title match at Clash at the Castle.

The belief is McIntyre will face Damian Priest at the event with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. This in turn will set up a huge clash between the Scottish star and CM Punk at SummerSlam.

Punk has been out of action since tearing his triceps at the Royal Rumble.