Doudrop Disputes Report About Why She’s Been Off WWE TV

doudrop wwe

Doudrop has given an insight in to why she’s been absent from WWE television, contradicting some reports as to the reason.

Having last been seen on WWE television as part of NXT in September 2022, there had been reports that Doudrop had been one of a number of British talents absent whilst their Visas were renewed.

Dave Meltzer noted on his Wrestling Observer Radio that, whilst he couldn’t be certain that the situation applied to everyone, a number of talents who had come through NXT UK were now off television whilst their status was sorted.

They went back over visa situations. They’ve got to get the visas taken care of. There’s a lot of people, the Gallus guys, and Tyler Bate — I don’t know that all of them fall in this category. Piper Niven’s been gone. That’s another one, Doudrop. Blair Davenport, a lot of them, that’s the basic situation with a lot of them is just getting the visa stuff worked out.

However, the former NXT UK star has now responded to a fan on social media who asked about why she was away by saying that she has been sick, but that she is doing better now.

Doudrop also went on to reply to another fan saying that the Visa was not an issue and had already been dealt with back in April.

Whilst we now know she is recovering, the former 24/7 Champion didn’t reveal a timeframe for her return to our screens. However, she did note earlier in 2022 that she had discussions about changing her ring name under the new WWE regime with Triple H at the helm.