“They Don’t Have Super Heels In AEW” Says WWE Hall Of Famer


AEW fans might have their favorites – and as CM Punk found out at Forbidden Door, it might not be him everywhere the company goes – but WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray thinks the promotion needs “super heels” to give crowds someone to really despise.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray gave his opinion that AEW doesn’t currently have any “super heels” that can get the best out of a babyface star like Eddie Kingston:

“One of the main problems that I see within AEW is you have babyfaces like an Eddie Kingston who need [and] feels that can breathe down their neck. For Eddie to be truly, truly effective, you need somebody to put Eddie Kingston in a corner, both verbally and physically.

“You need somebody that is going to be able to say things to Eddie, that is going to put him back in that dark place. That when his head finally drops because he hears things that truly bother him, that’s when you can kick him when he’s down. What was the old Roddy Piper saying about kicking a guy when he’s down? I kick a guy when he’s down because it’s much easier or something like that.

“That’s what a guy like Eddie needs. He needs a super heel. They don’t have super heels in AEW. Moxley is not a super heel.”

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Bully Ray also elaborated on his thoughts on Kingston and thinks that AEW needs to use Eddie Kingston more to be successful.