Donald Trump Rambles About Kane & The Undertaker In Campaign Speech

Donald Trump WWE

Donald Trump spoke about a couple of WWE Hall of Famers while delivering a campaign speech for the US Presidential run.

Former United States President Donald Trump is running for President again in 2024. The Donald is leading in the polls for the Republican nomination as campaign season heats up before November’s election takes place.

While speaking at a campaign rally in Indianola, Iowa, Donald Trump spoke about the WWE life and specifically mentioned WWE Hall of Famers Kane and The Undertaker. Kane was on hand at the rally as well. Kane is the Mayor of Knox County (Knoxville), Tennessee and he also spoke at the rally where he endorsed Trump.

During his rambling speech, Donald Trump talked about Kane, asked him about his weight and gave credit to pro wrestlers for being good at what they do.

“And another man who’s a friend of mine. He’s another one I’m not going to mess around with. He’s Knox County, Tennessee, do you know Glenn Jacobs? Goes by the name, goes by the name of …. Kane. Kane. Where is Kane? Where’s the …. look at the size of this guy. Man o’ man – that’s – he’s all man. He’s all man. He’s good.”

“How many years have you been doing that? You’ve been W, W …. Kane one of the great characters in uhm …. how many …. so how tall are you? You’re six what? 6’8 and weigh what – when you wrestle? Well that’s not bad – I’m not that far away either. That’s not good. You just ruined my day – 300 [pounds]!”

“When I see these guys, some of them like The Undertaker right? And I see him and walks around the ring lifting a 300-pound guy over his shoulders like this. It may be acting… then he throws him into the seats, it’s pretty great.”

On Twitter/X, Jacobs (Kane) shared the clip of Trump talking about him and The Undertaker.

When Was Donald Trump Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?

It is well known among WWE fans that Donald Trump has been a good friend of WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon took over the company about 40 years ago. Their most famous interaction together was at WrestleMania 23 in 2007 in Detroit when Donald Trump’s wrestler Bobby Lashley beat Vince McMahon’s wrestler Umaga in a Hair vs. Hair match. That led to Vince getting his head shaved in the ring by Trump, Lashley and special guest referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

In 2013, WWE inducted Donald Trump into its Hall of Fame as part of the celebrity wing. That year’s Hall of Famer ceremony was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City and Trump is a famous New Yorker, so it was the right time for it.

Donald Trump also attended multiple WrestleManias as a guest including the 4th and 5th WrestleManias in Atlantic, New Jersey because it was known as Trump Plaza at the time when Trump owned the building.

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