Donald Trump Got Controversial Star A Job With WWE

Donald Trump WWE

Donald Trump might be a WWE Hall of Famer but he had a more unlikely role in getting ex-AEW producer Ace Steel a role with the company years before that honour.

In 2007, WWE Raw aired one of the worst segments in the almost thirty-one-year history of the show. Due to an ongoing public spat between Donald Trump and chat show host Rosie O’Donnell, Vince McMahon decided to take advantage by having a match between the two live on Raw.

Ace Steel portrayed the fake Trump while former NWA World Women’s Champion Kiley Mclean played the role of O’Donnell. Ultimately, and to no great surprise in McMahon’s world, Trump won the contest with a “flying hair-butt.”

It was panned as one of the worst Raw segments of all time by fans but in one of the most obvious cases of playing to an audience of one, Vince McMahon loved it.

Donald Trump Role Got Ace Steel Job With WWE

Speaking on Wrestling with Rip Rogers, Ace Steel discussed his experience of being Trump and said it ended up getting him a job with WWE:

I got a one-night bonus from Vince [McMahon]. Vince loved it. A week later, I got a call. I got hired. I was like, ‘Really?’

Ace Steel was fired by AEW in 2023 after CM Punk was let go for his part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In.

The fact Steel was still working for the company at that time came as a shock to many as CM Punk had pushed for him to return when he did in June of 2023 after the backstage fight at All Out. Steel was reported to have thrown a chair at Nick Jackson’s head and to have bitten Kenny Omega as part of the ordeal. CM Punk demanded Ace Steel receive backpay for his time out of AEW following that incident before his eventual and likely permanent departure from the company.