Don Callis Teases Partnership With Non-AEW Star

Don Callis whispers to Kenny Omega

Don Callis showed that a leopard never truly changes its spots as the conniving Canadian turned his back on Kenny Omega on Dynamite.

The issues between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club hit new heights on Dynamite in Detroit when Kenny Omega went one-on-one with Jon Moxley in a steel cage match.

The brutal and bloody match was to be expected from the two stars with barbed wire and broken glass both making gruesome appearances. Omega looked to have taken the advantage when he delivered a vicious V-Trigger to Moxley’s temple that sent the BCC star through the side of the cage.

Moxley however managed to get his hands on a screwdriver and looked to finish his opponent off in horrifying fashion. However, Don Callis intervened taking the screwdriver which allowed Omega to drop Moxley with the One-Winged Angel. Just as the referee was about to count three, Callis stunned the world and broke Omega’s heart as he stabbed the screwdriver into Omega’s head.

That allowed Moxley to pick up the win and after the match, Callis looked to be about to hit Omega again before he whispered in his ear and kissed him goodbye.

Now Don Callis has changed his Twitter bio to read “King of Winnipeg bruv” hinting at a possible partnership with Omega’s former – and possibly future – NJPW rival Will Ospreay.

However, any such partnership might just be wishful thinking on Callis’ part with Ospreay recently referring to the scheming star as a “d*ckhead.”