Dominik Mysterio Breaks Silence After Liv Morgan Kiss

Dominik Mysterio Liv Morgan Kiss WWE Raw

Dominik Mysterio has some explaining to do to his ‘Mami’ Rhea Ripley after he shared a kiss with Liv Morgan on WWE Raw.

Rhea Ripley was forced to vacate the Women’s World Championship shortly after WrestleMania 40 after she was viciously attacked backstage by her one-time tag team partner Liv Morgan.

At King & Queen of the Ring, Dominik Mysterio told Liv Morgan he was going to make sure she didn’t win “Rhea Ripley’s title” from Becky Lynch. However, his attempt at interference seemed to go wrong as Morgan took advantage of him trying to slide a chair to Lynch, who refused to use it. As a result, Liv Morgan captured the Women’s World Title and on Raw, things took a similar turn.

Mysterio again came to ringside for the Steel Cage match between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan with the Women’s World Title on the line. His Judgment Day partners Finn Balor and JD McDonagh tried to talk sense into him but their presence only brought out Braun Strowman who they had tangled with earlier in the night.

Dominik Mysterio Speechless After Kiss

Strowman ran through Mysterio, knocking him into the cage door which in turn slammed into Becky Lynch. That, again, gave Liv Morgan the upper hand as she escaped the cage to retain her title. On her way back up the entranceway, Morgan came face-to-face with Mysterio before grabbing him and kissing him. Mysterio looked unsure of what to make of what just happened.

Now taking to social media, Dominik Mysterio said what many were thinking as he shared a GIF of Kermit the Frog that had the caption “Well f*ck.”

It remains to be seen if Rhea Ripley will be able to return to the ring in time for SummerSlam but if she does she could well face Liv Morgan with the Women’s World Title and possibly Dominik Mysterio on the line – and it wouldn’t be the first match for custody of the weaselly star.