Doctors Told Mercedes Mone Injury Would End Her Career

Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone has recalled being told she would never wrestle again.

After leaving WWE, Mercedes Mone set out to take the wrestling world by storm, challenging the biggest stars Japan had to offer. This saw the star appear at Wrestle Kingdom, while the NJPW STRONG Women’s Title was reportedly created for her to hold.

However, on May 21st, 2023 in the finals of the tournament to crown the inaugural champion, Mone broke her ankle in a freak accident while tangling with Willow Nightingale — she hasn’t wrestled since.

It’s believed that Mone’s hiatus is about to come to an end, and she’s expected to make her AEW debut on March 13th.

Speaking to Evan T. Mack on The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mone opened up about the injury.

I’ve always been saying since I got hurt, I’m healing every day and that has progressed my healing so much. What a crazy experience that I’ve never got to talk about. It’s been crazy. Almost 10 months now, from a freak accident, or did Willow (Nightingale) push me? Or did someone pay off the ref and made that top rope slippery?

I don’t know but I’ve spent the past 10 months thinking about how much unfinished business I have in wrestling and how much I was on a hunger tour goal. I was so focused and just so ready for my plans to succeed in 2023 and for that to happen to me, it taught me so much about life and it just taught me that I needed to even, I guess, slow down even more and to heal. Because prior to that, a lot happened to me, you know?

A lot of hurt happened and a lot of healing needed to happen and I still was just going so fast, but ready because I love wrestling so much and I couldn’t be away from it. But I wasn’t healed inside that I think it was just a message being like, you gotta slow down and figure out what’s next for you and what are your plans.”

The former WWE star explained she’s ready for a big 2024, before revealing she was told her ankle injury would end her career.

“I feel more ready and more better than ever and I cannot wait to see all my prior plans of 2023 come into fruition to 2024. I’ve been making some really big moves. Big business moves and big money moves, you know? And just this whole time of healing, I got to work on so many other things that I have such a passion for. I think fans are gonna be really excited and they’re gonna be like, finally!

That I’ll be releasing music this year. I am still acting and got some amazing, amazing things in the works and I got to audition for incredible roles in movies so, we gotta keep on manifesting great things about that and I finally think I found a home in a wrestling place. Yeah. So it’s really, really exciting and I’m excited about these big money moves.

Little do people know, I was told that this was a career-ending injury and I screamed at my doctor and surgeon. I said, ‘No, it’s not’ and I’m going to come back really soon and I’m going to have just the greatest time, the greatest matches, the greatest career that I’ve ever had yet because I see it and I feel it and I know it…

Mercedes Mone Lifts Lid On WWE Exit

During the interview, Mercedes Mone discussed her surprise departure from WWE. The star said that leaving was the hardest decision she’s ever taken, but also the most rewarding.

Mone added that she was thankful for everything WWE did for her, and has nothing but good things to say about the company.

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