Divisive Wrestling Personality Wants To Interview Tony Khan

Tony Khan AEW

A surprising name wants to interview Tony Khan.

Since the launch of AEW in 2019, some in the world of podcasting have been harsher on the company than others.

One of AEW and Tony Khan’s loudest critics has been former WWE and WCW Head Writer Vince Russo.

At one stage, Vince Russo even claimed Tony Khan was paying for TV time because that was the only way a show with static ratings would be able to remain with Warner Bros Discovery. The writer-turned-podcaster has repeatedly claimed there’s no way WBD can be happy with the viewership AEW brings in.

It now seems like Russo has chosen a different tactic to get his message across. In a post on social media, Russo said he wants to have a “legitimate” interview with the AEW boss.


Tony, I am actually a Wrestling Journalist with CREDENTIALS in Both JOURNALISM and WRESTLING. How do I go about getting a Legitimate One-on-One Interview with you. I know you Frequent this Social Media Outlet Daily and will see this Message. I will even follow you so you can DM me back.

I am 100% being Serious. Not sure how to go about it. I just have a Bevy of Questions that I would love to ask. I will be 100% Respectful—You have MY WORD on that. Please Advise.

Tony Khan And AEW Lose Big TV Deal

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that one of AEW’s international TV deals has disappeared. Despite TelevisaUnivision signing a multi-year deal with AEW back in July 2023, AEW content is no longer available on the company’s ViX platform.

In addition, a deal with DAZN also appears to be at an end. AEW content disappeared from the streaming platform despite that deal also being touted as being “multi-year.”