Diamond Dallas Page Names Current WWE Star As Future Hall Of Famer

Diamond Dallas Page stands in-ring on WWE Raw 2001

A WWE Hall of Famer in his own right, Diamond Dallas Page has named which current WWE Superstar he believes will one day be inducted.

Sheamus is on track to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, says Diamond Dallas Page.

DDP stated as much on the latest DDP Snake Pit podcast, addressing how the way Sheamus is booked means he can enter and leave the main event scene at any given time without it appearing as hot-shotting him or losing interest in him, depending on the scenario.

As Page noted, it was the late Dusty Rhodes who first made him aware of Sheamus before ‘The Celtic Warrior’ had even made his televised WWE debut:

“He’s absolutely a Hall of Famer, without question. Dusty Rhodes, who I talk about all the time, told me about him before I’d ever seen him on TV. And he came in with a hell of a push going in. And he could be back in the World Championship race, like that. At any point in time, they could pop him in, again for all the reasons that make a wrestler a top guy, look, size, rap, believability. I think he’s reinventing himself again and just upping everything because he’s in phenomenal condition.

I work here at my Performance Center. He came in and we did some DDP Yoga together. And what he does was doing his stuff, his little video that he has, a show that he does every week about he exercises with everybody all over the world. But I think he’s had a hell of a run. I think there’s a time where you have to work your way down the card to work your way back up the card. It’s just the way it’s the way the business goes. And I think especially now the reaction that he’s getting has been phenomenal.”

Sheamus has proven a popular figure in 2022, with his Brawling Brutes partnership with Butch and Ridge Holland bringing him to new heights, while his battles vs. GUNTHER have reignited interest in Sheamus. The interest from fans in the Irishman has been so strong that a natural babyface turn occurred for Sheamus, as well as Butch and Holland.

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