Details Of Legitimate Injuries Suffered By MJF At AEW Full Gear Confirmed

MJF taken away from AEW Full Gear on a stretcher
Lee South MJF and Samoa Joe vs The Gunns Inglewood, CA AEW Full Gear November 18, 2023

MJF might have left Full Gear with the World Championship but it came at a heavy price.

At Full Gear, MJF pulled double-duty by defending the ROH Tag Team Titles on the pre-show, before putting the AEW World Title on the line in the main event. To add to the drama, the champion was taken away on a stretcher after an attack by The Gunns on the pre-show, only to drive the ambulance back into the arena to defend the World Title against Jay White.

This was after Adam Cole — crutches and all — agreed to defend the gold on MJF’s behalf.

While the injuries suffered at the hands of The Gunns were purely a storyline, the star did suffer some relatively serious problems during his match with White.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed the World Champion suffered a dislocated hip before aggravating an existing shoulder injury.

“MJF legit suffered a dislocated hip during the match as well as aggravated a prior shoulder injury. The hip injury took place when he was planning to do the spot where you come off the top rope and fly far, ending with an elbow drop putting your opponent through a table.

However, when he put White on the table, it collapsed. Instead of just ditching the spot, he felt that the crowd was going to flatten if he didn’t do the spot, climbed up to the top rope and did an elbow drop from the top rope to the floor, which is an absolute killer on your hip. It was popped back in but he was in terrible pain. The shoulder injury worsened from a top rope uranage.”

Jay White Unhappy With MJF Clash

The match between MJF and White split the fanbase, with some believing that Friedman overcoming everything thrown at him on his own, took away from Switchblade.

Interestingly, it seems that Jay White also wasn’t impressed with how it all played out. It’s been reported by Wade Keller that White “wasn’t thrilled” by the build-up or the match.