Details On Serena Deeb’s Backstage Heat In AEW

Serena Deeb AEW

A new report has shed more light on Serena Deeb’s issues in AEW.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were asked about the situation surrounding Serena Deeb’s status in AEW on Wrestling Observer Radio and Alvarez noted his belief was there was backstage heat surrounding her before her hiatus:

“I haven’t gotten an answer either. But like something happened, there was some sort of heat over something. So whatever it was, I mean, she’s just she’s not being used. So. There you go. I don’t know if she is officially on the roster.”

What caused heat between AEW & Serena Deeb?

Fightful Select has now followed up with some more information on Deeb’s status with the company. Over the summer AEW sources noted that Deeb was not injured but Deeb is said to have noted that she’s suffered a serious injury and has been trying to get cleared to return.

AEW sources did admit that there had been a “serious disagreement with management” that led to her disappearing from television. Deeb was said to be “very vocal” about how she had been used by the company and it was said that her comments veered into disrespect as she accused Tony Khan of cutting time from her matches without telling her until she had already got in the ring.

AEW sources claim that they showed Serena Deeb a list of times to show her that she hadn’t had hers cut from what was originally set aside for her bouts.

It should be noted that Serena Deeb has previously discussed her “great relationship” with CM Punk as Punk was suspended by AEW following his fight with The Elite just a few short weeks before Deeb last appeared in the company.

Serena Deeb is still listed as part of the women’s roster on AEW’s official website despite her last match for the promotion coming in October 2022. On that occasion, she defeated Haley J on an episode of the now-defunct Dark: Elevation show.