DDP Shares Recent Message Exchanged With Randy Orton


DDP and Randy Orton are fans of each other.

Recently, Diamond Dallas Page brought up a text message that he received from Randy Orton that was on a positive note. In the past, DDP has given credit to Orton, also defending him from fans who allege that “The Viper” took the Diamond Cutter from the former.

DDP continues to praise Orton, and also showed gratitude for his text message. Making an appearance for an interview on the “Battleground Podcast,” Page put a spotlight on a DM that he received from Orton, where the “Legend Killer” would show appreciation for the three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

“Randy had seen that I put him over on something. So, I get a DM out of nowhere from Randy Orton and he says, ‘Appreciate the kind words I saw the other day, not sure if it was recent or not. Also, I just want to say I saw the Diamond Cutter last week and I immediately Googled your age.

Good for you, brother. Being happy and healthy after all the bumps are done is priority one. After the money, of course,’ and then he says, ‘It’s so good to see you enjoying all three. I love seeing you help the brothers of our industry.'”

Page went on to praise Orton for the way he he does the RKO, which was known as the Diamond Cutter in the past. DDP supported Orton using it as a finishing move.

“I love the way he took what I did and he really kind of took it to a different level with some of the different changes, new stuff that he’d come up with, or whoever he was with came up with. He’s an amazing athlete and I’ve always loved the fact that he was the guy to take on the Cutter and rename it.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.