Dax Harwood Tells Young Stars Not Asking To Be On AEW House Shows “Just Get Out”

ftr dax harwood cash wheeler

With AEW taking their show on the road, Dax Harwood has made it clear upcoming stars should be clamouring for the chance to be part of them.

Current AEW World Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood has confirmed that, rather than a match alongside FTR tag partner Cash Wheeler, he will be in singles action when House Rules Tupelo, Mississippi on Friday, 2nd June.

Rather than being in front of the spotlight of the cameras, the house shows could well be an opportunity for new stars to make a name for themselves in the company, and that’s something Harwood seems very keen to promote.

In a post on social media, Dax Harwood said that any aspiring wrestler who didn’t want to be part of the House Rules shows should “just get out”.

If you’re a young wrestler, & you ain’t begging to be on these house shows, just get out. A rare singles match for me. Who should I wrestle? I plan on killing it in Tupelo, MS.

As you’d naturally expect, there are plenty of competitors who’ve put their name forward, but one of those seemed to have more insight to add – IMPACT Wrestling’s Alex Shelley.

Shelley stressed the importance of house shows, and Harwood whole-heartedly agreed.

Dax Harwood announced the end of his podcast last month.