Dax Harwood On The Young Bucks – “Tag Team Wrestling Owes Them A Lot”

The Young Bucks

FTR’s Dax Harwood has explained his thoughts on two of the biggest rivals in his career – in and out of the ring – The Young Bucks.

Before FTR ever set foot in an AEW ring, their issues with The Young Bucks were well known after the pair – and Cody Rhodes – made the letters ‘FTR’ famous as they gave their rather unflattering take on the team then known as The Revival on Being The Elite.

Speaking on the final edition of the Gentleman Villain podcast – a special episode to introduce Harwood’s own new podcast ‘FTR with Dax Harwood,’ the FTR man gave his thoughts on The Young Bucks and says even though he could not be more different than the Jackson brothers, he recognises that the resurgence in tag team wrestling across the wrestling world was down to them:

“I think they are visionaries, I think they are smart, I think they are calculated. Whether or not it’s for the good or for the bad. I think that tag team wrestling owes them a lot, I think Cash and I owe them a lot because they were able to put – at a time when tag team wrestling was not being featured – they were able to put tag team wrestling on the map.”

“I think Hunter [Triple H] saw that and Hunter said I’ve got these two guys over here who are polar opposites of them but also incredible wrestlers, let’s give them a shot, let’s spotlight tag team wrestling here.”

“Professionally obviously we have completely different ideologies on wrestling. But I think that also when we match up it makes for great content. Great matches, great angles. But there comes a time in your life as a man when you have to stand up for what you believe in and there’s a time to fight and a time to not fight. I’m speaking not physically but metaphorically – whenever Cash and I feel like it’s time to fight and it’s the right time to fight we’ll fight. And I think right now’s the time to fight.”

Dax Harwood also delved into his history of problems with WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg and admits he doesn’t know how much he “respects him as a person.”

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