Dax Harwood Wants To Fight Jon Moxley

FTR - Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood AEW

Dax Harwood thinks that he, not Jon Moxley, is the wrestler of the year and he’s willing to fight to prove that.

Harwood has been used strangely as of late in AEW. Despite being covered in tag team gold, Harwood has wrestled in more six-man tags and singles matches than he has had traditional two-man tag matches for months. And yet, his time as a singles wrestler has caused many fans and commentators to appreciate his skills. But even “glorified tag team wrestlers” can rise high and Harwood thinks he can wrestle and beat the best that AEW has to offer.

In a recent Twitter Q&A, Harwood revealed that he still wants to wrestle both Moxley and Bryan Danielson. Fans ran with this idea and seem very interested in a singles match between Harwood and Moxley. Then Harwood teased that the match could indeed happen and that it would be the Match of the Year to determine the Wrestler of the Year.

All of this comes on the heels of Tony Khan naming Moxley as AEW’s MVP for 2022 and Harwood having precious little to do at this time. Moxley is the current AEW World Champion while Harwood has multiple tag titles outside AEW.

As for whether Harwood-Moxley would be MOTY, that is definitely hard to say. Several MOTYCs have already taken place this year, including two highly-praised FTR-Briscoes tag matches.