Dax Harwood Reveals How Mercedes Mone Felt At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom

Mercedes Mone

Dax Harwood has discussed the emotions Mercedes Mone felt both before and during her NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom.

Although it wasn’t a particularly well kept secret given all the media speculation, the former Sasha Banks made a surprise appearance at the end of KAIRI’s IWGP Women’s Championship defense at Wrestle Kingdom. Now under the name Mercedes Mone, the former WWE star laid out KAIRI and then issued a challenge to the title holder for a match at Battle Of The Valley in San Jose on 18th February.

As you’d expect for any wrestler making a debut in a new promotion, plenty of emotions will have been flowing through Mone on the day of the event. In a discussion on his FTR With Dax podcast, Dax Harwood has discussed those emotions, having been there first-hand at the event.

I know how she was feeling. She was proud, nervous, excited, scared, all of the emotions, you know? She hit this finishing move and nobody knows what that was. Nobody knows how it felt. But, how proud she was in that moment and how nervous she was walking down the aisle, like, everyone can relate to that and I know that she was so proud of herself because she did it her way. She stood up for what she believed in. She stood up for what she thought was right and she was able to achieve probably the thing she’s dreamt about the longest.

At Wrestle Kingdom 17, FTR lost the final belts from the collection when they dropped the IWGP Tag Team Championships to Bishamon.

Naturally there has been plenty of speculation that Mercedes Mone could now show up at other promotions such as AEW. Although nothing has been confirmed at this point, her next film role has been announced.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.