Dax Harwood Hopes To Work With Cody Rhodes Soon

Dax Harwood

Something Cody Rhodes once said about Dax Harwood still bothers him to this day.

Dax Harwood didn’t join AEW until 2020. By that point, Cody Rhodes’ position in the company and his relationship with the Young Bucks were both firmly established. And that latter relationship appears to still cut deep with Harwood.

Harwood will be starting his own podcast, FTR with Dax Harwood (available on AdFreeShows) very soon. To promote that show’s debut, Dax Harwood discussed an issue he still has with Cody.

More specifically, Dax Harwood took issue with Cody calling the Young Bucks a better tag team than FTR. Cody’s reason for saying this is that the Young bucks, allegedly, don’t practice their matches while FTR, allegedly, do.

“Before I came to AEW, I had a big issue with Cody, which I’ve talked to him about. He did a podcast with Sam Roberts and Sam Roberts said, ‘I’m going to ask you point blank, who’s better FTR, or the Revival, or The Young Bucks‘, and without skipping a beat, he said, ‘The Young Bucks because FTR, or The Revival, they have to practice their matches and The Young Bucks, they don’t. They just come in and have these matches.’”

To add more intrigue to the situation, Dax Harwood finished this discussion by saying that he hopes to work with Cody “soon” despite the fact that, at present, both of them are signed to different companies.

“I took issue with that because in 18 years now, at that point, I think it was like 15 years or whatever, 14 years, I’ve never, ever, ever, ever, ever practiced a match in my life, and I will never practice a match in my life. That goes to the Speedball (Mike Bailey) match you saw at WrestleCade.

He wanted to practice in the back and I said, ‘Speedball, I’m sorry, I don’t do that, and I’m not going to start today.’ But that really ate at me because all the stuff that we had built up and we had worked so hard to create, I felt that he was taking a sh*t on that by saying we practice our matches.

But I got over that. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, I did. I got over it. He and I are very good friends. We talk all the time now. I think that he is a visionary, I think he is too smart for his own good, and I hope to be able to work with him very, very soon because I mean, I think I could tear it up with him.”

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