Dave Meltzer Explains Why Tony Khan Is Very Excited About AEW Right Now

Tony Khan AEW

Dave Meltzer has given some reasons why Tony Khan is especially excited about AEW in 2024.

Tony Khan has commented publicly about his excitement regarding All Elite Wrestling in 2024.

On January 18, when Tony Khan tweeted: “It’s going to be an amazing 2024 @AEW” it led to a lot of speculation that perhaps Khan made a deal with a big-name wrestling free agent like Mercedes Mone, Kazuchika Okada or somebody else. There were also guesses that it could be positive news about AEW’s future with Warner Bros Discovery.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about Khan’s excitement about the AEW product in 2024.

“[Tony] is really excited right now. I think the fact that you know there’s a good chance he’s going to get Okada, you know there’s certainly a good chance he’s going to get Mercedes. He’s got Will Ospreay.”

“I don’t know where Tama Tonga is going but you know, Kenny Omega will be back at some point. Bryan Danielson, Adam Page, these guys. PAC is coming back. From a health standpoint, Adam Cole’s still a couple months away.”

“It’s like he could probably look and go like when we get to Wembley, this is going to be talent-wise by far the strongest roster we will ever have.”

“Plus all these upcoming guys with your Takeshita’s, Hobbs, Daniel Garcia’s they’re pushing. Bringing back the rankings tell me that it’s another sign that he’s very excited right now.”

Tony Khan Announces AEW Ranking System Is Returning?

It was announced by Tony Khan on Saturday during AEW Collision that the AEW ranking system is coming back. The ranking system was in place when AEW launched in 2019 to try to use those rankings as part of a storyline that explained why certain wrestlers were in line for title shots.

The ranking system went away in 2022. It has been revealed that former AEW World Champion CM Punk told Tony to get rid of the rankings and Khan did that. Since Punk was fired by AEW last September, Khan has decided to bring the rankings back.

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