Dave Meltzer Blasts Recent Criticism – “Remember The Last Time That Happened?”

Dave Meltzer

Dave Meltzer doesn’t feel recent a recent criticism from Dax Harwood is warranted.

CM Punk is back in AEW, and his return has courted plenty of controversy. In his promo on the debut episode of Collision on June 17th, he wasted no time in taking some jabs at his public rivalry with The Young Bucks. His comments came after his much-discussed ESPN interview in which he called out Adam Page for “poisoning everything” during their AEW World Title feud and even wondered whether Page had stiffed him in the ring on purpose.

Dave Meltzer has gone on record saying he doesn’t believe it was the time to make such comments, and writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the journalist alluded to one top star being in a “bad mood” and believing the locker room tension could be likened to a “ticking time bomb” that may not have a happy ending.

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In a now-deleted tweet, Punk’s longtime friend Dax Harwood took the star in question to task, wondering why the person couldn’t simply have a conversation rather than tell backstage drama to a journalist.

“This one will get some heat but f*ck it, it needs to be said. Whatever “top star” left the show in a bad mood because a certain individual was there; instead of running to Dave, why not just talk to the individual face to face. That’s how we used to do things back in the day.”

Taking to Twitter himself, Meltzer responded to this criticism by writing the following, seemingly a reference to the brawl that broke out following CM Punk’s inflammatory comments at the All Out media scrum:

“Remember the last time that happened?”