Dark Side Of The Ring Creator Fires Back At Reports WWE Tried To Get The Show Cancelled

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The showrunners behind VICE’s highest-rated program Dark Side Of The Ring have shot down rumors that WWE is trying to sabotage them.

Dark Side Of The Ring takes an inside look at some of the most tragic and controversial moments in wrestling history. Although most of its covered subjects happened in WWE – Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, the Montreal Screwjob, and the Plane Ride From Hell – it has also covered topics in other companies as well. Those have included Collision in Korea, FMW, Nick Gage, and XPW.

But even though DSOTR has covered a wide breadth of topics, rumors have circulated that WWE has attempted to have the show shut down to mitigate any bad publicity.

However, Evan Husney, the show’s creator, quashed these rumors during an appearance on The Two Man Power Trip podcast:

“It was some rumor about how WWE was putting pressure on A&E to not air our shows and it could be too controversial, so they were going to cancel it. VICE would never do that because it’s their most successful show. If Dark Side wasn’t successful, I could see not doing another season.

It was this weird thing where, yeah, season three had some controversial moments, I could see where people put two and two together, we see that happen every day in the wrestling news cycle of people guessing with the rumor mill and speculating what one thing means and two things are similar, you put it together and you have a story.”

Season 3 of Dark Side Of The Ring is postponed at this time as Husney works on a different wrestling-themed show called Tales From The Territories, which currently airs on VICE TV on Tuesdays.

h/t Fightful for the transcription