Darby Allin Provides Sting Update Following AEW Dynamite Ladder Leap

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Darby Allin has provided an update on how Sting is doing after the Hall of Famer’s ladder leap on AEW Dynamite.

One week after Sting decided to do a crazy dive off of a ladder, Darby Allin commented on whose idea it was and how the Stinger is doing.

The main event of the June 28th edition of AEW Dynamite Sting & Darby Allin beat Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara in a Tornado Tag Team match. It was the 17th time that Sting & Allin teamed up in AEW and the 17th time they have won. All of Sting’s matches in AEW have been tag team matches with Allin as his partner (or one of his partners when it’s more than a regular tag).

There was a key spot late in the match when Sammy Guevara was positioned on two tables on the floor. Darby Allin looked like he was going to jump off the ladder to put Sammy through it, but then Sting went up the other side and said he would do it. Keep in mind that the legendary Stinger is 64 years old and while he has been known to be a risk taker, it was a big leap.

Sting was positioned near the top of the ladder, but not at the top. He was positioned on a rung of the ladder that was above the top rope. When Sting jumped, his head/chin hit Sammy’s legs and they crushed the first table, but not the second. After the show, Sting told the crowd in Hamilton, Ontario that he’ll need a bunch of stitches from it.

While appearing on today’s Busted Open Radio, Darby Allin spoke about Sting’s mindset going to the leap while providing an update on the Stinger’s health.

“He’s (Sting) actually doing great. We talked the day after (he jumped off the ladder on Dynamite) and he said he was feeling great which is awesome because I pulled him aside after that match and said, ‘Yo, just be honest with me, how you feeling? Not just your mouth but your neck, every single thing about your body’ because people forget, he kind of retired in 2014, you know? When he took a buckle bomb, people kind of think that, you know?”

Darby Allin misspoke a bit because it was 2015 when Sting took the Buckle Bomb from Seth Rollins in WWE that led to a serious injury that led to Sting not wrestling for over five years. As Allin continued, he made it clear that it was Sting’s idea to do the ladder jump.

“So for him to be going as hard and trust me when I say this, it’s none of my ideas, it’s all him. He’s just like, ‘All right, there’s a ladder here tonight, I’ll jump off it’ and a lot of people think it’s me being kind of being the bad influence but nah, it’s him. He’s got that hunger, he’s got that want to give the fans something and he’s feeling great and I’m stoked.”

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