Darby Allin On The Type Of Match He Nevers Wants To Do Again

Darby Allin

Darby Allin made it clear what match he doesn’t ever want to do again, describing it as “hell on Earth.”

Both inside of the squared circle, and out of it, Darby Allin is known in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) to be a daredevil. When he’s not diving 20 feet from ladders and crashing into a pile of steel chairs, Allin is home jumping over a Jeep. When it comes to Allin and how he likes to do things, there are no limitations to the damage that he will cause to his own body in the name of entertainment.

Recently, Darby Allin would make an appearance on “The Sessions” for an interview with Renee Paquette, who stated that despite his reckless behavior, there is one match that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic that he doesn’t ever want to do again.

“The Cinematic match was kinda hell on Earth. It’s like I get thrown through a door and it’s like ‘Cut! Do that again.’ You get your adrenaline so high, and then you have to stop for so long, and then go so high.

There was this part in the cinematic match where I was on the second story and I was throwing a bat down to Sting. Right before we were gonna do this scene, Tony comes like ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’ He’s like ‘Don’t you know how physics works? He’s gonna break Sting’s face!'”

H/T Wrestling Inc.