Darby Allin Details Injury Issues Ahead Of AEW All Out

Darby Allin AEW TNT Champion

Darby Allin admits his upcoming TNT Championship match will not be easy.

Allin hopes to capture the title for a third time at All Out on September 3rd as he faces off against Luchasaurs. While the champion has had some rest ahead of the match, Allin had a rough night one week prior as he competed in a coffin match at All In.

Speaking with CBS Chicago, Allin admitted that he has back issues after falling onto the coffin but will overcome the pain as he has good durability:

“I’m not 100%. We had a show in London, I really messed my spine up. I’m trying to take it easy before Sunday,” he said. “My lower back is really banged up. At the show in Wembley, I jumped off the top rope and landed on a metal coffin on my lower spine. Luchasaurus, he’s a huge dude. I think a lot of it has to do with where I’m willing to go in that ring. A lot of people aren’t willing to go where I’m willing to go mentally. I can take a big butt kicking. When things are going, there are things I’m capable of that I believe nobody else is.”

Darby Allin Wants To Bring Prestige Back To TNT Championship

Ahead of the title match at All Out, Allin has been very critical of how the championship has been booked in recent months. The former champion stated how the title has lost all meaning because it is being treated like a hot potato. Not likely to be short on challengers if he wins the championship, the daredevil has previously been challenged by New Japan star Hiromu Takahashi to a match in the future.